Fmt_money with "#.###,##' format

Hi! I was wondering format ‘#.###,##’ for currency and floats is still an issue for some members in Frappe / ERPNext community?

what do you mean with “issue”?
problem I faced is, that we have to support both formats in the same instance. depending of the origin country/language of the customer a different format is needed.

Yes. Based on the locale

How did you solve this problem? Or is it still a problem?

short answer: yes, still a problem.
longer explanation:
right now we “workaround” by having two separate print templates. (which is very bad for maintenance and usability) with using

{{ frappe.utils.fmt_money(n.rate, currency=doc.currency)|replace(',','x')|replace('.','y')|replace('x','.')|replace('y',',')   }}

I am working on extending fmt_money, but due to time and knowledge contrainst not finished yet…

Thanks. Instead of frappe.utils.fmt_money, I use ‘{:,.2f}’.format(n.rate)