Fold must come before a labelled Section Break

Hi everyone,

i am confronted with the message
‘Fold must come before a labelled Section Break’
when ever i tried to update or create a custom field.
what to do?

Please check where your “Fold” type field is set.

It is set in the Qutation form . the message perssistes even if i put the ‘fold’ field before a lableld section break and i am not able to update the form

Check the Quotation Item form.

There is no ‘Fold’ field in the Quotation Item form

Seems strange. Can you share a screenshot. Also, which version are you using.

and our version of ERPnext is
ERPNext: v4.9.3
Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning for Small and Midsized OrganizationsFrappe Framework: v4.5.2
Full Stack Web Application Framework in PythonShopping Cart: v0.5.0
Online Shopping Cart integrated with ERPNext

Please check the Quotation Form.

Oh Dear Mehta, i think i have answered this one at the beginning of the thread…