Folder for Custom Doctypes

Hello there,

I have a quick question:

Where does frappe/erpnext save a custom doctype that was created ?
Is there a file (e.g. json) or is it in the database? If any, where exactly?


It will be inside the doctype folder of the module in which you created.

Thanks for the reply, but the custom doctype ist not in the folder…
Maybe it is different for child table doctypes?

It will located inside which module you have created.

If you created in accounts module then it will be located erpnext/accounts/doctype/doctype_name

I have created it in custom module of frappe frappe/custom/doctype/… I cannot find it. I am not in developer mode.

developer_mode must be on to create folders on doctype creation

And where are the customchanges if it is off? Because we can make persistent modifications in non developer_mode

Curious on this as well - I find deselecting the “custom?” checkbox creates the folder inside custom_app/custom_app/custom_app/doctype, however it worked fine before when it was checked, but I couldn’t find any record of its creation in the file tree?