Footer showing only in pdf

Is there any solution about the possibility for printing footer directly form print bottom or any work around like remove print bottom to lead user to print from pdf bottom

footer is tricky. a easy workaround for the footer is to paste your footertext into the therms and conditions. if this is what you mean.

Thanks @philip
i’m already did this but it’s goes after the item table directly i need it in the end of the page like normal footer

Hi @Alaa_Badri,

Currently this is not available. The footer is only printed on the PDF.

As @philip said, having the footer printed on the HTML page is kind of tricky…

The workaround is to make a custom print format that prints the footer on your HTML page below the terms and conditions.

What is the plan for the future?

Today i had a meeting with my developer - because we have problems to set up a professional looking, good designed and functionable invoice print-format. Now we have it ready, but the header (with logo inside) is only in page 1. On all following pages not.
And especcially it is not possible to set up a docment with more than one page, because after page-break the content starts on top of page 2 - and not example 4cm lower.

It would be ok, only to have all in the pdf.
And the technical base in erpnext is, that the library for rendering of the pdf is an external system - it is old.
There are newer versions of that, where many things would be easy to implement or setup with css.
But instad of makking fine tuning in erpnext, many new versions for school … would be rolled out.

I tried to use erpnext since month. But till today, there are so many small things, that prevent to close our old and on windows server hosted old software.


Hi @quintact,

Sorry to hear about your struggles.

I can only testify that we are able to generate PDFs with header and footer on each page for our company and clients. So, for us, it’s not an issue in ERPNext.

Maybe you should check again with your developer to find the root cause of the issue on your server.

As for page-break, I don’t really understand the issue, because it is the expected behavior to have a page break after, no?

Whtmltopdf can sometimes be tricky to setup! :wink:

Hallo, after some time, we want again start using erpnext - and want to print the invoices.
Again i asked my developer-team, and as they mean, the library for rendering pdf is an old version, which cannot use all css-formats needed.

@chdecultot if you have a print-definition ready, could you share it? or send via mail … so we can check and find out, what is the difference in your printformat?

Our issue is with a document, more than one site. After page break the content starts directly at the top of paper.
If the content would have a margin top of e.g. 4cm, it would fine.
Alternativily i also have the header al all sites - but this is also not good working …

Tricky is not the problem - in erpnext many tricks are needed. But if i have hours and hours in 2 employees, which are developing the craziest database-systems, websites and so on (i think, the are making a good job) and they say, that the library in erpnext cannot do this, because old library, … i am a user in this moment and would be happy, if another impulse could give us the right direction for the solution.
Ore some code-snipped …

Thanks a lot

Hi @quintact,

You can find an example of code in the following application:

This is sales invoice print format made for a swiss company. Here is an example:

For PDF generation, the right and left margin are hard-coded (though I think some updates have been made last month: [FIX] Fixed problem with margins in pdf (see #3451 #4235 #4239) by maxtorete · Pull Request #4297 · frappe/frappe · GitHub), but you can setup top and bottom margins without problem.