For Invoice Due - Calendar Event Script - along with Invoice Email sent

We use Gmail for our Business. In our business scenario, general credit terms may vary from 7 days to 90 days.

We use Email functionally to send invoice directly from ErpNext. It has all necessary information including due date.

Can we use this info to automatically remind customer when payment is due? Is anyone currently using this functionality currently. Google provides script for the same but i am not sure how to implement it.

I know currently there is functionality for auto payment reminders, but reminder generated from invoice email itself would be more polite.

I think you can use Email Alert


Thanks for your reply.

Your’s is a valid solution, but I expected something different here,
If you travel by bus, Google shows automatic reminders / updates for when time for bus departure is near.

Similarly its showing me updates for my credit card bills - based on due dates - based on bill received.

If we could maybe add script to email sent when invoiced - as per link in original post - we could give similar experience to customers.

About alerts, It’s really useful features, But every one may not like reminder of when payment is due.
Also our’s is small organisation. We reconcile bank statements once in 15-20 days. So if some entries are missing, it would trigger unwanted alerts.