For same Customer, why can't I invoice them in two currencies?

My issue is I have a customer that i normally invoice in USD when we do direct import business. But sometimes they purchase things from me in local currency. If I have invoiced the customer in USD, the system will not allow me to invoice the customer in another currency, stating that this customer can only be invoiced in USD.

This seems to be a trivial operation, but I’m not sure how to handle. Any advice? thanks in advance.

Enable the option “Allow multi-currency invoices against single party account” in the Accounts Settings Master…
This refers to a feature that permits creating invoices in different currencies for a single party account.

Amazing, thanks so much @MohamedAbdulsalam , I had seen that options before but completely skiped it.

Hi, tried your solution, but it didn’t work. I already had a transaction with that customer in USD and wanted to now invoice in another currency but couldn’t.

Can you tell me what is the company’s base currency, and what is the specific currency for the customer’s account?

Hi @ablishek

Maybe this article can help.

Few setups are required and then done, this shouldn’t be a problem.

can you share the screenshot as well?


Yes so the company’s currency is PYG. And this customer, lets call him customer A will sometimes want to invoice in USD and other times in PYG Depending on the type of business being done. So to give an example, when the volume is large and the customer wants to get the goods directly from the oversee supplier through our company the billing will be done in USD. Other times they just need to purchase small amounts to round off their inventory the invoicing will be done in PYG. Currently I have a customer that has been invoiced in USD and now the system is forcing all future sales to be done in USD. The only workaround I have found is creating a secondory customer with the same name.

This honestly seems like a trivial issue. But I have tried all including the link suggested by @aa_prashant

Any tother suggestions?