Foreign bank account reconciliations

I have a EUR bank account and when I display the bank reconciliation it shows the Kc Symbol (company default)

The symbol should be in EUR.

When I try to make the bank reconciliation it shows the amounts in local currency but my bank statement is in EUR. which makes difficult to match the quantities

How can I update this?

kind regards

Hi, in currency master which symbol you have set?
1.Go to the following Path
Account module->Currency
2. Here Set symbol as EUR and save form.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you for your answer.

The Symbol is in EUR. And it is linked to the account, the account was created as bank and it is in EUR. The default currency is CZK the KC.

The line 30 should reflect the symbol of EUR. I can live with that.

But what makes problems is the bank reconciliation tool, that displays the amounts on the local currency. I need the original currency which is EUR.


@Sergio_Razo Pushed a pull request to show the amount in account currency.

The fix is pending to merge.

Great! Looking forward for the update.