Foreign Currency fluctuation

Sir is the forex currency fluctuation done automatically in ERPnext.

Yes, we get latest currency changes from

Thanks sir Can you shoe me some working.


If you need code to get latest currency exchange rate, then here is example

>>> import requests

>>> response = requests.get("", params={

...     "base": "USD",

...     "symbols": "INR"

... })

>>> value = response.json()

>>> print value

{u'date': u'2016-06-22', u'base': u'USD', u'rates': {u'INR': 67.496}}


@Hap_Dorji how about history of the exchange rate? Say, I made a purchase a week ago in EUR and I want to sell it now in TRY and I’d like to know what the buy price in TRY was. Surely the exchange rate is not the same as it was a week ago.
How is this handled?

@bicli history if exchange rate is not stored.
However you can create report for exchange rate history from submitted Sales/Purchase Invoices.

@kolate_sambhaji would you mind giving me a hint about how I could do that?

@bicli you need to write query report for currency rate.
You can fet details of exchange rate, currency from Sales and Purchase invoice.