Form Builder (develop)

If you attended ERPNext Conference 2022. I gave a glimpse of the New Form Builder feature. If you missed it check the video here Form Builder - Shariq Ansari | ERPNext Conference 2022 - YouTube

We used to create the form layout by adding fields in the fields table in the doctype.
If we need to structure the fields in separate columns, sections or tabs(since v14) we used to add a Column Break/Section/Tab Break. It is difficult to visualize how the form will look you have to save the doc and check and if something doesn’t look good again edit the fields table.

Now using Form Builder all these problems are solved.

Form Builder is in the develop branch it will be released in v15.

Check it out on YouTube


Some Screenshots:


Tentative Release date for v15 ??

Not yet decided


Wow!! that is lovely!

I just hope it will be backward compatible so that we can move our apps in older version (v13 & v14) to the newer one with Form Builder without any reprogramming.

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Thanks. A question. Will the section after the last Tab be displayed or user has to click the last Tab to view any section after it. Currently, this is the behaviour. I had raised it earlier on the forum. Would be great if the sections after last Tab are displayed as default.

It’s a great leap forward in creating custom forms but I seem to run in to a few issues editing existing forms.

  • Cannot move standard form fields.
  • I can move a standard form to a new column but the column cannot be moved once created.
  • If I create a standard form field duplicate by accident it cannot be deleted, only hidden.

Is this due to Frappe/ERPNext defaults, rather than any issues with the Form Builder?

This PR aims to solve the moving standard fields problem: feat: rearranging standard fields in customize form by Aradhya-Tripathi · Pull Request #19452 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


Good to know it’s being looked at :slight_smile:

Moving of core fields was available up till V7. Not sure why it was blocked from V8 onwards.

I’m not sure. I only started using from V12 onwards. This is my first time seeing this feature.

What I have noticed, on a single doctype, if you use the "set only once’ attribute on a field, the field is displayed on the form builder form, but not on the actual form.
Apart from that, it is very impressive.

Unfortunately, This feature will not be backported to older versions.

Can you send some screenshots or GIF I am not able to reproduce the issue

Sorry to chime in, but does this mean we will have to recreate all DocTypes of our custom app in the newer version?

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  • Cannot move standard form fields.

In Customize Form, you can only move around custom fields, that’s how it works. If you need to add a column break between standard fields I have added a “move fields below this to new column” button on the fields and similarly move button on a column to move to a new section and on a section to move to a new tab
Moving standard fields PR is already opened after that this move button can be removed or will keep it if it makes sense

  • I can move a standard form to a new column but the column cannot be moved once created.

Here I guess you are not in Customize Form, You can move around Tabs/Sections/Columns/Fields. Maybe add a gif so that I can understand what is the issue.

  • If I create a standard form field duplicate by accident it cannot be deleted, only hidden.

It is a know issue, will fix it soon
Edit: Fixed


Sorry, I misunderstood your question.
No, you do not have to create it again everything will work in the newer version.

It looks like a bug unrelated to Form Builder will check it. Thanks

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