Form Customization goes completely crazy

Hello everyone,
I am trying to customize the “Student Applicant” form according to my needs. The problem is whenever I rearrange the input fields (via drag and drop) and “Update” it completely mixes up the fields. I have no idea what the logic behind this is but I can not place fields and sections according to how I want it to be. I am having a self-hosted ERPNext: v10.1.51 (master). Would be great if you can help me with this.

I faced that problem too, once you set field at any row, that it won’t allow to change its row number means dragging up or down in customize form, i think the solution is delete the field, then create it again on desired row number.

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and don’t forget to update each time you change, because you don’t an error to throw your efforts away

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Thanks Shahid, that sucks big time. This method will take me couple of hours instead of minutes to rearrange. I also saw that the row numbers are not updated correctly.

The problem is that the screwup comes whenever you click on “Update”. I really do not get the sense behind this. Why have a drag&drop functionality if it does not work…

i think its conflicting with Doctype’s row settings, anyways this is a bug, report it on github.