Form customization


I work on cloud ERPNext - trial
I have general issue with custom forms.
It seems ERPN does not react to whatever I am changing.

  1. Projects: Introduced Project Name field. It is displayed on the list view and on New project form, But I cannot see this field on Projects details form.

  2. Cannot adjust width of the fields on the list view

  3. There is no option to hide status from list view (Item, Project, probably all others too) - I had one answer to this suggesting form customization… - but status is not listed in the table.

Do you have any suggestions?

Please go to Customise form >>Project >>Select “Status” >> Uncheck “In list view”.
For now the list view width cannot be customised from in built customisations.
Hope this helps.

Thank you

Is there any other way to change the widths?

Status - This does not work.
Projects: Status is unchecked. I have refreshed the view… Still showing on the list
Items: Status does not exist in the customization table, but still displayed in list view.