Form Issue in support can not be exported on v12.6.0

We are using ERPnext ver12 currently for our customer support.
We noticed that the issue cannot export via import tool.
When we select docType we can’t find out issue, only issue type and issue priority.

Please help and thanks.

As a workaround, may you try Support, Issue , then Menu, Import, choose Import new records, then Download Template?

I tried that as well, the template I downloaded only show the structure, no real data.
Thanks for the response, by the way.


Go to Data Import and select Issue and Update Existing records. This should download the existing data in CSV/Excel format.

Also please make sure there are existing issues created in your account. You can also try using Data Import Beta if you’re using v12 to try the same.

Hope this helps.

HI Michelle

That works for me.

Thanks a lot.