Formatting toolbar stays active after leaving screen

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I am using version 8.0.22 and I have noticed the following behavior:

  1. Go to Set-up > Letter Head
  2. Create or edit a Letter Head
  3. Add an image in the html window and save the record
  4. Re-open the record, click on the image, a small toolbar appears, with 7 buttons “100%”, “50%”, … “bin”
  5. Without closing the toolbar nor saving the record, click on the top-left menu icon “E”, the toolbar stays visible on the screen
  6. Go to another transaction, like Customer, the toolbar is still visible
  7. Click on the “bin” button of the toolbar, the toolbar closes
  8. Go back to the Letter Head, the image has disappeared but there is no log of it
  9. If you insert again the same image, you get a warning message telling you that the image already exists in the Letter Head.

The normal behavior should be that, at step 5., the toolbar must be closed automatically.

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@webingold2: I would recommend opening a github issue for this problem to be reviewed and tackled eventually. You can navigate to Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub to do so

@gvyshnya: Thank you, I have opened an issue, it has number #8721.

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