Forum Guidelines for Discussions

It is great to have disagreements, but let us lay out some ground rules so discussions don’t become personal.

  1. Don’t call out anyone

  2. No aggressive/snarky speech or expressions like “Yikes!”

  3. No reference to private communication.

  4. Any post relating to governance should not be anonymous.

  5. No flame bait.

  6. Try writing in 3rd person and bringing out a general point instead of pointing someone.

  7. Don’t be dismissive of someone’s work. Don’t use adjectives like “disappointed”. If you have a point make it, but passing judgement on people or project is dismissing their efforts.


3 and 5 make sense as Rules.
1 and 4 do too, but I could understand and accept special circumstances.
2, 6 and 7 seem stylistic but I understand their intent. So they fall short of Rules for me.

Agree special circumstance, will leave it on mods. But the broad point is that people trying to influence governance may have conflicting goals like GPL violation, white-labeling, closed sourced extensions and in such cases, this must be disclosed upfront

Renaming as guidelines.

Edit: I have seen forums like Reddit, HackerNews and Slashdot over the years and to me HackerNews is the best because it is heavily moderated, and the reason while Slashdot degraded. HackerNews is a very strict in enforcing its guidelines hence ensures that the quality of the forum does not degrade.