Found Issue on Serial No if using conversion factor


I’ve just found an issue, here’s my use case:

  1. An item (i.e. cable) uses Meter as UOM, use Roll when buying from Supplier. Conversion factor → 1 Roll is 50 Meter
  2. If we do Purchase/Material Receipt (i.e. 3 roll), then the system ask 150 serial nos (3x50m)

It should be only 3 serial nos in this case, not 150.

Please help. Thanks

I think we should have option in item master to define UOM to be used with serial no

Also, an item like cable if we sell retail 30m then the available qty is still 20m with single serial no
(1 roll → 1 serial → 50meter)

Actually this can be done using Batch No.
The problem is single batch no is assigned for whole qty if we do receipt for multiple rolls in single item row.

So for example, if we receive 10 rolls, then we have to add 10 same item rows with single batch no for each single roll. This way we can track the left qty when we sell in meter for each roll.

It would be better if we can treat it like serial no in purchase receipt. Add 1 single row for an item then assign e.g. receive 10 batch nos for 10 qty (roll) at once.


Serial No. and Batch No. is maintained based on the Stock UoM of an item. In this case, since Default UoM is Meter, which is a serialized item, Serial No. is created based on it.

Purchase UoM is used only for the reference of Supplier. Stock ledger entries doesn’t happen based on Purchase UoM.

Perhaps you should maintain two items to address this scenario.

  1. Create Item Code with UoM as Roll. Make purchase entries for the this item. You can also set this item as Batch Item.
  2. When cut cable from the Roll, create a repack entry. In this entry, stock of the batch item will be reduced, and

In this entry, stock of current Item Code in metere will be increased, and stock of batch item will reduce. Item in meter should not be set as serialized.

Thanks @umair. I use batch for item in meter

It is just we can only assign one batch id for single qty on single purchase receipt’s item-row.
I wish we can add e.g. 10 Batch IDs on single item-row with 10 qty (rolls). So if we receive 100 rolls then we have to add 100 item-rows. It takes long time…

@umair, I’m little bit confused while trying to use repack entry. Can you guide how to use this?

  • I have 2 stock UOM (2 item codes), one in roll and the other one in meter.
  • I received 10 rolls via purchase receipt
  • Now I want to repack e.g. 2 rolls in the same warehouse to be in meter (1 roll = 50 meter)
  • Like you said I want stock in roll will reduce 2 rolls and stock in meter will increase 100 meter (2x50m)

How to do repack entry? Which item to be added on the repack entry?



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