Foundation finances - visibility to Members through account

We have touched this in one of the online Foundation Members meetings a while ago and it was agreed upon (if I recall correctly) that the accounting of the Foundation will be visible to Members by logging in to their foundation account (

Can anyone with sufficient access and/or insight advise when this can processed?


Hello Vrms,

I have created discuss post for the same. Please check the relevant post.


that’s certainly a step into the right direction. Thanks for making that available.

But what I was after goes a little beyond that still. I meant read access of the Accounts module inside the instance with the ability to poke around (read-only naturally) in anything at any time.


Thanks for the suggestion. How about bringing this up in the next foundation meeting? Also, we are missing you in the foundation calls :slight_smile:

this is not new. it was actually raised in one of the earlier calls and if I am not hugely mistaken it was already agreed upon to do it (even though there was no big discussion about it, but from my perspective this is just a given, no need for long decision making process. Does anybody has objections against this?).

You use the accounts Module of the instance, right? If that is so this should technically just be a matter of access rights. Or do you say this needs to be discussed and made a decision about yet?

I think its just a matter of managing the users (with expiry of their membership etc). I was thinking we can make a weblink in the foundation app with the current P&L or trial balance.

I have already asked @prakash_hodage to make the heads more meaningful. What other details do you think we should publish?

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‘‘Publish’’ and ‘‘make available to members’’ may be not exactly the same.

From the top of my head I’d

  1. publish P&L to the broad public and
  2. make the entire accounts module readable to Foundation members in all detail

@vrms I can’t remember this having discussed in one of the calls to any level of detail. That doesn’t mean to say that we shouldn’t do it. I’m all for doing it.

It may be obvious to you and me, but others may have a different perspective. The only reason I’d be a little cautious about this is the fact that the Foundation is an India entity. Indian laws are complicated. We should structure the accounts in a way that is optimal. The last thing we want is to pay unnecessary taxes (because of lack of planning) and building in too much transparency till we optimize the Chart of Accounts may be a slippery slope when it comes to dealing with the government.

How about we post the P&L till we are ready, on a quarterly basis, to the public at large till we optimize the way the Foundation structures the accounts.

Its not that I am not supportive of your approach, its a question of when. Not whether.

Rushabh: We can begin with giving every Foundation Member access to the Chart of Accounts and since everybody has at least 6 months to go, by then we can figure out how to stop for members that don’t renew their subscription.



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I’d like to pick up on this discussion.

we are actually heading into the right direction. I (as a foundation member) have gotten some inisghts in the instance. Nevertheless I am hitting permission errors in many areas yet.

For example I can list the chart of accounts, but can not list the list of employees, neither salary slips, etc …
Generally I think Foundation members should be granted read access to everything. Are there any objections against such a practice out among Foundation members?

This could be a sensitive topic for some people. Should salaries be public? I am okay, but lets have a discussion on this?

not public. Just Foundation members (I think that’s a significant difference)

I understand that sometimes employees of an entity are not aware of the salaries of colleagues (which in many cases is company policy) though. If that’s the case here maybe employees of the Foundation can not be members of the Foundation, or need to be restricted from seeing other then their own salary while other members of the foundation (and the ones who provide the funds for paying any salary can see all details.

(only thinking out loud, not a ready formed opinion)