[Foundation Members] Why did you choose to become members?

Dear members,

We are in the process of updating the foundation website, in the members section, we would love to have some testimonials from existing members on why they chose to become members and how do they benefit from the association. Please add your responses to this post.

Some pointers:

  1. How do you value ERPNext
  2. ERPNext and it’s commitment to 100% open source
  3. Your wish to be a member / contributor.



Could you specify a word limit?

Typical size of testimonials : 50-100 :slight_smile:

1-2 paragraphs should be fine. Thanks!

Hi @rmehta

CoreBPM been using and eventually contributing to ERPNext for over three years now, and as a company that has relied on Linux and Open Source components for our business, we are full appreciative of the work done by the founders and contributors of the project. We spent at least a year evaluating various other open source ERP projects and the path always lead back to ERPNext because of it’s flexibility, functionality and adaptability. Without a doubt it was the easiest ERP project to develop and customise.

Nothing life is for free and as such we feel it is only right to try and contribute our expertise and knowledge as much as we can back to this project - especially as ERPNext has made a commitment to being 100% open source. We became members of the foundation to show our commitment to the project and be involved hopefully in its future, direction and world domination.




As an ERPNext user, I see our reliance on ERPNext only growing in the coming years. One of our key challenges is to make more than 1 million items and their BOMs accessible to our Sales and Production Teams; ERPNext has been able to adapt to such requirements. With significant investment made towards implementing ERPNext, Foundation’s commitment to open source will be key in securing our company’s future.

The idea of a foundation membership helps users like me contribute in a small and meaningful way, while it also provides an opportunity to raise domain specific issues with the foundation team.


Thanks everyone those who replied - you will be featured on the website.

Those who are on the fence, there is still some chance you can earn a back-link for your website.

Fun-fact. I had an identical post 6 years ago. No one replied then :wink: https://discuss.frappe.io/t/request-for-testimonials/2565

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We are an Open Source believer and were using few free tools helping our client leverage the technology at the optimum cost. We were tracking ERPNext for few years and always felt it’s potential to changing ERP adoption landscape in SMB and with the registration of ERPNext Foundation, we felt confident to join the bandwagon.

Our commitment is to benefit community and be part of the ERPNext journey & success. We are thankful for the frappe team and founder of ERPNext for their immense contribution and continuous commitment to the project. Thanks.


Greycube’s (@jignesh_shah, @ashish-greycube)
Observations before it could resist themselves from becoming ERPNext member !

  1. Highest Potential ERP (across open+ closed source) for everyone !

  2. Pure intention from the founder by creating a seperate ERPNext foundation entity

  3. Excellent , Genuine, Selfless support from Frappe Team and all community members through all platforms ( discuss forum,blog, help videos, developer meet, conference, helping grow each member etc)

Catch them early else you will regret being late :wink:


For Grynn GmbH (www.grynn.io), becoming a member was the easiest and quickest way of giving back to the community and the foundation. The fee helps fund documentation, development and advocacy. The money helps protect and promotes ERPNext core values of staying 100% free and open source and providing a modern, secure & stable system for all sort of business. Did not have to think twice about it.

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As one of the oldest ERPNext service providers Indictrans (www.indictranstech.com), we live and breathe with ERPNext. We have been involved with ERPNext from the very beginning of ERPNext and have witnessed and contributed to its growth. As we have helped more than 300 clients digitize their business with ERPNext, we sincerely believe in the potential of ERPNext to become a leading edge business digitization platform.

ERPNext is perhaps the only ERP software, which is 100% open source. We value this commitment to the principle of 100% open source. Being committed to this principle means we don’t sell paid closed-source extensions. Instead we earn our revenues by customizing ERPNext for our clients and also contribute non-client-specific extensions to community. We educate beneficiaries for benefits to sticking around the goal.

ERPNext Foundation is going to play a critical role in further growth of ERPNext software and ERPNext community. Being a member, contributor and now Gold Member of the Foundation, we have tried to play a part of commitment to the cause. We aspire to contribute more to growth of both ERPNext software and ERPNext community. That’s a proven path to success story lead by founders and followed by contributors and way ahead. Better Win-Win for a community as a whole.


Just pushed the site live https://erpnext.org/

Thanks @gupteshwar will be adding your testimonial too :slight_smile:

Do you want individuals/users to contribute also or just service providers?

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I think anyone is welcome to contribute! :slight_smile: