Foundation Participation in 2018 Open Source India event?

Hello everyone,

Please note Asia’s largest convention on Open Source, Open Source India 2018, will be held on 11th and 12th October 2018 in Bangalore.

Last year, this event witnessed 12 tracks and 20 hands-on workshops delivered by 75+ industry experts and garnered an overall of 8000+registrations over the two days and a unique footfall of 2200+

Visitor’s Profile:
· Key Senior Decision Makers (CTO’s, VP- IT, CIO etc)​
· Developers (web developers, software developers, app developers, database admins​ etc)
· IT Managers/ System Administrators
· IT Architects, IT Consultants
· Project Managers
· Integration Specialists
· IT Startup​ Founders
· Others (Business Heads of various Open Source Companies, Academia, Researchers, etc)

ERPNext Foundation can participate in this event as an associate partner to connect with wider IT community.

Participation will help us in attracting users, developers, and partners

Curious to know your thoughts.​


We should participate!

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Depends on what you want to achieve.

Things that might be competing (events) for your time/attention would be: marketing events such as consumer products FMCG, marketing conf, e-commerce, manufacturing, human resources, construction, medical, hospitality events? Seems like where potential customers would be for ERPNext. This one looks like a lot of IT guys :slight_smile: You may or may not get any mileage. :slight_smile:


It is a great opportunity which we should use to showcase ERPNext. This event will provide much needed visibility within the OSI community especially the developers.
There are a lot of people who are unaware of such a world class Open Source ERP software that was conceptualized in India.


In case you participate, you could re-use this chart on the user growth. I will look at github to see if there are good stats.

Or with some comments


I think OSI Days might be a potential opportunity to showcase to enterprise buyers and also lot of big IT companies head quartered in Bangalore. Lets go for it!


What means “participate”…??? Just send some Erpnext Foundation and/or Frappe staff is not very costly… And a low key way to connect to others in the industry…and I would definitely go their with some staff…

Having a booth is often a costly affair. @Not_a_countant is may be right…what do u want to achieve??

Sometimes there exist larger booth where you can rent a meter of wall space…Recently i was on a large event where we just rented under the Holland Water Pavilion (>>>>@Not_a_countant >>>The Swiss applied the same trick…) Check for an umbrella organisation to join to keep the price down a bit

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Habit 2: Begin with an end in Mind

In 2018, we see a lot of active users.
This left graph shows the stickness of users vs. the year they signed up.
For example: in 2013, 60 people joined the discussion group, 20 of those are still active in 2018. (hence at 33%). The % belies the absolute numbers. But it shows some level of loyalty relative to the year people signed up.

The right graph shows the number of active users in absolute terms. So people can relate.

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We are an associate partner and we will get a booth.

This will help us in branding and also get more users/developers and service providers.

Great that u get a booth…This is normally an expensive affair.
Did you consider to organize the yearly ErpNext Conference just before or just after this event??

You may attract much more international participants if you do so.



Yes, we wanted to organize the conference right after the OSI.

However, we have decided to organize the conference in Mumbai.


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