[Foundation] Summary of the 3rd Member's Call

It was a very productive 3rd call of the Foundation Members are here is the summary

1. Local Chapters

It was decided that the foundation should encourage local chapters to be started. Jay (@jayram) and Herabelle (@littlehera) volunteered to take this up. They would present a short writeup on what is the goal of having local chapters and how can things be taken forward

2. Roadmap

It was decided that the GitHub Issue is a good place to start building the roadmap. The first job would be to segregate all the 1000+ issues by bug reports, module or localization. Gunnar had decided to take ownership of this and get all the 1000+ issues segregated as bugs, based on modules or domains. Rushabh (@rmehta) to prepare Issue Guidelines (done Issue Guidelines · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub) and tags. (done)

Gunnar (@vrms) would find 10 volunteers who will tag 100 issues each. Most of the members present on the call agreed to volunteer

3. Execution

Three possible execution mechanisms where discussed

  • Codesprints
  • Bounties on Issues
  • Hiring developers

After detailed discussion, there was a unanimous agreement to hire 2 entry-level developers at $6000 per year (as per Indian market standards) + $1000 for co-working rent. The thinking was that the foundation needs to show something concrete to its members and this will be a great way to get something done.

Since it is the first year, it was decided we must experiment with both code sprints and hiring developers to see what was working.

Most members were against bounties because there was a lot of uncertainty around the timelines and scope of each issue.

It was decided that Rushabh be given the responsibility to hiring the developers.

4. Role of CEO

It was observed that the role of CEO was something that will evolve as the foundation starts getting operational. It was decided that Jay would be the interim CEO until a bylaws and other governance structures evolve. Jay also said he would help in setting up governance structures.


It was very encouraging to see so much excitement and hope the momentum keeps improving with more members attending every call!

Edit: We are Hiring! If you are an entry-level developer and interested to work for the foundation, send me a private message!



ERPNExt will hire developer to work remotely or on site ?


:thumbsup: Looking forward to work with @JayRam and everyone in the community! :slight_smile:

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I would be willing to help get a chapter in the US started


I’ll help with that, though I have to officially become a member first. And I think there’s a small user/ developer base in Canada as well, probably makes sense to include them at this stage.


@tmatteson great we should move this to a new thread for starting a local community in the US. We can also work on localization issues we might have in the US. Also its great to see you that your in New Hampshire we are located in Maine.


Whoa! I lived in Nashua for 3 years, so you guys are like neighbors.