Foundation Update: Bai Labs is our first Member!

Hello all,

A big thanks to Bai Labs from the Philippines for taking leadership and becoming the first member! (Silver).

:clap::clap::clap: @ccfiel @johnskywalker @creamdory @littlehera

I know a lot of people are ready for taking on membership and we were just waiting for Version 8 to become stable and the Indian Payment Gateway to be up before we started getting back to those who have shown interest.

But, since the gates have been open, you are welcome to start becoming members.

If you are from India, just mail us at and we will send you the NEFT details.

So what do you get?

  1. Foundation listing preference (
  2. Be a part of the foundation mailling list
  3. Be a part of the discussion on how should the foundation function (at this stage we are very open!)

Its been a long, long while since we wanted to get this rolling. So thanks again to the Bai things for bringing energy into this!



@rmehta Just to double check, is already possible to get individual international membership?


Hello @rmehta,

Thanks for the shout out :slight_smile: We are happy to be part of ERPNext foundation. Hope our contribution will be little help to the project! More power!



Yes! Memberships are live.

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:+1: I’ll subscribe it. Thx

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:raised_hands: Congratulation

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