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I love slack but agree that discourse seems to work pretty well, It does not feel real time like slack. I think adding slack for the foundation members would be great and also module team members / github contributors would be really nice.

But I am sure there is more to think through here.

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Please be on a lookout for what other open source projects are using,
Must be open source and sustainable for open source foundation.
Must be easy for users to enter and explore. Not everyone is tech user.


Can you add your name under the HR module wiki List of module volunteers - #11 by revant_one?

Hi @revant_one,
I can contribute in manufacturing module for design / requirements role.


It really took few minutes for me to understand what you are trying do! Looks like discourse is not really matured enough to be used as wiki yet. When I want to search something, I directly use google with ‘erpnext’ as the first keyword. It searches both github wiki and discourse pretty well. Without a table(like github wiki), the discuss wiki looks less beneficial. Also, I don’t think it is a good idea to encourage people to tag others/module-leaders. Instead, they should be tagging their own post with the right module. Then module leaders can see how many unanswered/unresolved posts they have in their module and take the right decision. That also allows us to keep discuss mainly for discussions and github for more informative work. If discourse has well supported wiki, it is certainly beneficial to use it, but forcing it to do what is not capable of might be less productive.

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Your Idea to use existing tool is very good. For communication and doubts we can use discuss group same as Foundation Private group.
For call Frappe already ready to give details of gotomeetings.
My concern is for discussion and debate we need more private group/call for deciding hire priority things and take leadership.

Also we need some resource to merge foundation website pull request and update foundation site.
Can you open/give foundation support email id where we can put such request and get answer?

Agree, that Foundation should try to use FLOSS solutions unless it’s impossible.
For the real-time communication Matrix is a better option, in my opinion. It is open, federated and decentralized protocol, with various FLOSS clients and servers. Riot is the most feature-rich client as of now.


That is the ideal process we have to reach where users are aware of our tags and start tagging appropriately. That will really make it easy for module volunteers to focus on their work instead of tagging topics.

It is just for forum management if any volunteer finds out of place topic, tag it, resolve it or create issue? Trying to identify a process.

Generally once a topic of new user is tagged. There are chances of user learning tags mechanism.


I chose this page to be wiki because generally forum should have an index page, New users can find it useful to navigate. I am planning to add foundation related links here. Checkout my checklist issue.

I am not forcing any other page to be wiki. Just this page “Foundation Wiki” so any forum user can edit the index page for improvement and fixes.

Other pages can be posts.

Right now there are edits by users on the List of module volunteers wiki. Seem to be working. If something fails I’ll do the cleanup.

And for more informative github table wiki. We’ll use that! and post link here on the index.

I’d prefer keeping the topics open. Let the community participate.
After all, only foundation members will have final say right?

Someone from the community might have faced the similar problem before and has better approach to share.

For quick action teams you can use anything your team is comfortable with (Email, Telegram, WhatsApp). Open discussions have added advantage of archival value

I don’t think merging pull request problem will be solved by adding one more email.

I can think of,

  • dedicated member from frappe team and / or foundation team only for reviewing PR
  • We can create a group like module leader group, if majority approve PR, maintainer’s job becomes easy.


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We will have to manage one more server with redundancy.
Learn one more stack to setup and debug.
And if our experiment fails, also clean up everything.

We can experiment with such things if there is an easier way to experiment.

If @kolate_sambhaji, you and anyone are in need of such collaboration tool can experiment and introduce it to community developers? Just a thought.


I’ve been answering questions about OAuth, and recently I added Webhooks so took up volunteering in that module.


  • It is features developed for integrating other apps with frappe
  • It is to manage and improve frappe / erpnext side of integrations with other apps.
  • (India specific) If there is GSP API available it will collaborated effort between Account
  • [ERPNext Foundation Pune Chapter Code Sprint #1] - FedEx Integration will be collaboration between Stock module.

@strixaluco Are you using Riot?
I am just checking it, Riot is integrated with gitter.

I think we can use, as anyone can join it easily and erpnext already has gitter

Once we get team on gitter, we can easily share riot link and if riot fails, we still have glitter as nice chatting tool.

@strixaluco @revant_one
We can have gitter/erpnextmktg gitter/erpnextcrm as chat group.
I will experiment with Riot for group voice and video call.

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Using Riot as the only mean for IM and audio/video calls for more than half year already, everything works great. The only problematic aspect is E2E encryption, which is currently in beta status and you might face some hiccups with it, but there are workarounds.
@revant_one, we don’t have to setup our own Matrix server, we can just use’s infrastructure.

You can use or india based for matrix server both are floss respecting people.

Matrix can be accessed via terminal, android, desktop it can bridge to telegram too.


@raghukamath @strixaluco
My suggestion is we can setup gitter room for each module, as we already has gitter working here
Also its easy to join.

For call we can also use Jitsi Meet (suggestion by @hereabdulla )

As riot can access gitter, we group member can try riot anytime when they want to do call or they can try other tools for group call.


@raghukamath, nice options. And Gitter bridge as well, as has been already mentioned here.
@kolate_sambhaji, no problem, it was just a suggestion. I thought that being FLOSS, Matrix suits Foundation better than Slack.
Jitsi is a great tool too. By the way, Riot is using Jitsi for videoconferencing.


@strixaluco I am not going to use slack, as now I have better option now.
My plan is to use gitter for communication and let module leader decide which tool to use for call and meeting.
As for Marketing and CRM I will suggest them Riot and Jitsi anytime as I am volunteering in it.
As some of member are volunteering in more than one module, so one gitter will help them to collaborate in different team.

Meanwhile we can check Riot, as its integrated with gitter.

Should we both take lead to organise all module leaders in gitter?

@revant_one your approval and suggestion?

Sure! Tell me if you need any help.

I’m not active on gitter. Keep me notified I’ll login to whenever necessary.

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@revant_one Thanks, I will setup room for each module and will make discuss post.

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Please continue discussion here, or on relevant topic or create new topic