[ERPNext Foundation Pune Chapter Code Sprint #1] - FedEx Integration

As part of Pune Chapter we are proposing to have a code day per month where we specifically dedicate a day in a month for code level contribution. First session of series will be on November 11th and this will be conducted in Indictrans Office from 11 AM to 5PM.

This is very first hand experience for us and looking forward from experience of GST-India sprint at Frappe, Mumbai. Your suggestions and value-adds will definitely help. Majorly we would be executing it internally for this first session. It’s a self analysis as well for Code Sprint.:grin:

As well, I assume things might not finish off in a day and certainly it will not for various practical reasons. So, we expect community contributors and module developers involvement as possible to help finish it off in same month or at least before next code sprint session.

Similarly, contribution might sometime has different expectations per use case and what we initiate could be just one of the use case. Enhancing it with other use cases in terms of concept, solution or code contribution will be helpful as well. As in this case we have worked on ground services and till certain courier weight support of FedEx only. Further to this there are additional services as per our understanding and it even changes per country like USA and India [has different set of services].

Let’s talk about the feature on target for the month.
This is about the FedEx integration.
Currently, it is available for community with following feature set, details and flow,

  1. Added a module named “Freight Management” in that we have a document “Shipment Forwarder”.
  2. Shipment forwarded could be “FedEx” account or for non-FedEx account.
    2.1 FedEx account help capture FedEx key and password and FedEx meter no.
    2.2 Non-FedEx account help to capture other courier details required to track the parcel manually. Like AWB URL, Website, Contact details etc…
  3. Customer Address should have postal code supported by FedEx postal code list to use this service. It should be mandatory and compliant.
  4. Need additional details of company like “Closing time” of company and “TIN number” but should not be mandatory.
  5. Item definition should have,
    5.1 Proper item description
    5.2 Net weight and Weight UOM
    5.3 FedEx manufacturing details like Country of manufacturer and Country Code.
  6. Make Sales Order, Delivery Note and Packing Slip where Sales Order to Delivery Note will be 1:N and Delivery Note to Packing Slip 1:1.
  7. Packing Slip you need to fill in details like,
    7.1 Recipient and Shipper Address. These are addresses from respective accounts.
    7.2 No. of packages and choose whether weight to be in LB or KG. Accordingly weight will be converted.
    7.3 Fill in FedEx Package Info fields guided as per FedEx documentation.
    7.4 Item packing details where you need to distribute items and item quantity among the packages you mentioned above. So, you need capture the arrangement with respective weights (auto calculated).
    7.5 Package details will show the package wise dimensions and weight.
    7.6 FedEx notification details will help you manage who shall receive a notification on which event.
    7.7 Save packing slip and it will fetch the “FedEx Amount details” and update the document. However, we learned this amount is tentative and just for reference.
  8. Submission of packing slip will confirm the shipment of the package and FedEx tracking IDs will be generated, updated on the document for reference and future tracking.
  9. Along with that packing slip will have additional attachments for “FedEx Commercial Invoice” and FedEx labels for print and stick along with packages.image

Now moving forward, there are certain expectation to set before it gets merge ready.

So, expecting your comments and help to formulate a solution. Considering there are parallel things running in community already like Contribution Showcase: Delivery Service Tour

Open for your thoughts, suggestions and anything more. :+1:



I’ll suggest,

Make a github issue with phases and checklist.
Check Prepare ERPNext for GST India Prepare ERPNext for GST India · Issue #8711 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.
Checklist was used as a reference during the GST code sprint


Thanks @revant_one
Here is the issue link for reference. FedEx Integration · Issue #11468 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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As part of Code Sprint Day, we have completed following updates,

Special thanks to @Sangram, @khushal_t, @jsukrut and @saurabh6790 for their participation and contribution.