FedEx Integration


We have integrated FedEx web services with ERPNext (Packing Slip) as part of Rahi Systems ERP implementation.

List of FedEx web services integrated -

  1. Make Shipment.
  2. Get Shipment Rate.
  3. Schedule Pickup.

We would like to share our work to the community.

App link - GitHub - indictranstech/fedex_integration

Currently, Our solution is primarily based on customer’s requirements.If any community member is interested in FedEx integration he can use the app & modify as per his requirements.

New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.


Good Work @suyash

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Hi All,
FedEx - ERPNext Connector App details has been updated on

Everyone is requested to have a look and share your kind feedback if any. Please feel free to try and do the modifications wherever required.

Kanhaiya Kale
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


@rmehta just a strategical question, why wouldn’t this just be included in ERPNext by default?

We should have the configuration for this under “Integrations” and then we should work on getting not only FedEx but also DHL Express and UPS hooked up so before you create a label you select from who ever gives you the best rates on different services.


I couldn’t agree more with @dominik. FedEx integration would I’m sure be very popular for one and also not sure if its just me but some of these great apps are sometimes much harder to find then you would think esp. for novice ERPNext (potential ) customer/developers. I was not aware there was a FedEx app until today.

Also if this is integrated it can be kept up to date too in case the FedEx api were to change

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Would you be doing the same for such as UPS and perhaps USPS? That would be massive.

Andrew Williams

@suyash maybe it would be a good idea to work with @Eric_Delisle on merging the best of both into the core of ERPNext and make it possible to hook up other couriers such as UPS and DHL.

@dominik we will look forward to get this merged.
@Eric_Delisle do suggest whether you wish to use this and initiate a merge or you can share your repo and we can initiate a merge.

@dominik, proposed contribution from your end Contribution Showcase: Delivery Service Tour - #2 by KanchanChauhan should consider options at delivery note level whether delivery is by Custom Mode, FedEx, UPS etc… and further it should capture relevant details as per respective service. Then we will plugin FedEx like your custom.

So, that will turn out to be a generic Logistic Manager. @rmehta has suggested similar updates in Pune Meetup as well.

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@gupteshwar I am looking forward to finally having shipping courier (FedEx, UPS) implementations in ERPNext and I am glad you and Indictrans are taking a lead in getting this out to the community. You could probably benefit from looking at the solution @Eric_Delisle has done if you are given access. I am sure if both are combined and all things are considered this will be a great solution.

It’s great to give back to the community and it ensures that your implementation survives on the long run.

In general the Delivery and the Shipment are a “Fulfilment” of the order. I would like to suggest adding a section in Stock for that. Both DocTypes are quite different and I believe they should be kept separate.

We should be able to select in the “Fulfilment Type” in the customer which could be:

  • Pickup (the customer comes to our location to pick it up)
  • Delivery (we deliver with our own delivery service to the customer)
  • Shipment (we use a courier like FedEx to ship to the customer)

This should then also be changeable in the Sales Order and respectively in the Delivery Note (if we deviate from the default in that case).