France Chapter Online Meeting #2

Dear all,

We had a first meeting for the Chapter France last Monday. It was the occasion to meet with @webingold2 and to take some first action.

We decided to work on a presentation of ERPNext in french that can be shared within the community.

I propose to discuss the work in progress during our next meeting with any available people.

Here are three date proposals, can you please let me know which one is more convenient for most of you ?

  • Thursday 16/11 - 19H30
  • Monday 20/11 - 19H30
  • Wednesday 22/11 - 12H30
  • Thursday 23/11 - 19H30
  • Monday 27/11 - 19H30
  • Tuesday 28/11 - 19H30

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Don’t hesitate to suggest other times as well!

I hope most of you will be able to join this time.

@Yakulu, @britlog, @hiousi, @Renaud, @Roger, @nicojack


Let’s keep this thread open until tomorrow for people who haven’t voted yet.

For the moment, seems like the 27/11 is a good date for everybody, that’s great! (next monday might be too soon) :slight_smile:

So let’s plan the next meeting for Monday 27/11/2017 at 19h30 (UTC+1)

Here is the connection link:

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