France Chart of Accounts and regional settings not applied to France Overseas territories

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The French chart of accounts is only available for companies registered in France, but they should also be available for France Overseas territories like Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane and Reunion as they are part of France and follow the same laws.
This also applies to most, if not all, regional settings of France like preventing deletion of documents or transaction logs.

I created the issue #18539 in ERPNext github repository but I would like the opinion / help of the community about this.

Do any of the guys involved in the developments of those regional settings could point me to the related commits / changes so that we can quickly add this to ERPNext ? I do not mind making the PR myself as long as I know where to look at exactly :wink:

I believe the original subject here was Major compliance requirement for France due to the POS module

@chdecultot : Would you like to share your thoughts on this ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @madmath03,

Each country has indeed it’s own chart of accounts in ERPNext. In the case of french oversees territories, in my opinion you have two main solutions:

  1. Since they are part of the country “France”, I think we should simply remove these from the list of available countries and a company established in “Guadeloupe” should select the country “France” when setting up ERPNext.
    That would make it easier to maintain the software in general. Special cases, if any, could then be handled through a country subset (region/territory).

  2. If the territory is to be considered a country, then you’ll have to add it’s own chart of accounts in the verified folder of the accounts/chart_of_accounts doctype (accounts module).
    As for regional rules, I guess you’ll need to add a new country in the regional module. You can check the folders already created for India, Germany, France,…

Have a nice evening!

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