Frappe 14: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: frappe.boot.module_page_map is undefined

I tried overriding some Frappe stuff (Copied over JS into my custom app) and it seemed to work in development. But the same code gives me this error in production. This happens in breadcrumbs.js. I’ve only made changes to sidebar.js

You updated but probably didn’t restart so old code is running.

Hello! Thanks for responding. I did try restarting it but it still gave me the same error. I have fixed it temporarily by commenting out this line in breadcrumbs.js

 breadcrumbs.workspace = frappe.boot.module_page_map[breadcrumbs.module];

But I’d still like to find out why this is happening only on production (I’m using docker and a custom image as shown by the documentation by the way). Commenting out that line doesn’t seem to break anything but I don’t want to take any risks