Frappe 6. Sneak Preview

Hello everyone. We are getting real-time updates in Frappe. :fireworks:

via @pdvyas


Hi @rmehta.

I’am at the moment making reactive apps for frappe with meteor.js and react.js and i thinks will be awesome.

It will be possible to do this meteor cluster with the web side of frappe.

Of course i’am making this with a development of an app, it will be nice if i have native support.

So are you making this with meteor or react? If not, are you using any technology?

If so maybe i can use some of the features you are planning to develop.

If we join effort we can make frappe the most reactive framework.

Meteor.js is entirely free (MIT license).

Imagine the frappe ecommerce reactive and with the help of jinja2 and meteor spacebars/blaze we can make something like Magenta ecommerce framework. This is what i’am developing right now! It is in a early days but it is gain shape!


This is fantastic! Is there a release schedule for V6?

@luisfmfernandes details in Pratik’s Open Day presentation

@cpurbaugh maybe as soon as next week :smile:

Wow, I was thinking more like next year! Good job guys, I can’t wait to see it.

Oh really nice! I been a big fan of meteor’s reactive work, to see it on frappe is crazy! I am feeling very powerful now :wink: ! ty @pdvyas