Frappe Academy: Getting Started with ERPNext

We are happy to announce that we are revisiting and working towards revamping Frappe Academy. The Official learning portal to learn everything about ERPNext and other products from Frappe.

We’re starting with a simple video to get you started with the basics in ERPNext.

Would love to get feedback.

Voiceover by @Reema_Mehta


I love it, much better than the previous video! The images are clear, a short video is always nice (instead of putting a lot of content in 1 video), it’s a real human voice and the steps are well explained. As someone who have a hard time understanding the ‘normal’ flow of things in a business, I found this really helpful.
I’m looking foward to the next release!


Very nice :100::100:
What about ERPNEXT Development is that in your plan?

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Awesome! Like I mentioned in the youtube comments, it would be awesome to have some custom apps development demos. Very simple and small ones showing different aspects. For example: One automating something standard in ERPNext, one expanding some standard DocType. To bridge the gab between ERPNext and the full customization



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its really good and informative though short.

while just starting to study the system, it gives a feeling that system is ‘document’ centered/driven. Not sure if iam right.
it will be great if explained on document types grouped under each module as there are so many document types in the search list.

secondly it will great too if the work-flow is explained. if the work flow means the executing next steps of the function is by assigning to other role/user OR the steps are automated/pre-defined. Simply to fix which step precedes the other. ( Example Delivery Order first or the invoice first, or does the system allows delivery and sales invoice before having the stock through GR or purchase invoice)

as a beginner it will take time for me to understand though information and manual are available in good. :+1:

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In general I think this is way better than the old videos were! I think there are still things to approve.
I really like the fact of having good quality videos so I hope my feedback helps.

What I like:

  • It’s great that a human is speaking! Much better then that automated computer voice!
  • I really like your voice! Clear and understandable. Good pronunciation.
  • I like the concept of an invented company as an example. It helps getting a grasp.
  • The video quality. 1080 is a must nowadays! I even think you could go further.
  • The sound quality has also improved. Although there is still some strange computerized echo (I don’t know anything about sound, so I can’t be more precise).

What I don’t like:

  • The speed! You’re talking to fast. This should be an intro video so you’re targeting people who probably don’t know all the terms. It actually feels like you’ve fast-forwarded the video a bit to get it under 10 minutes.
  • The size of the content. I know your trying to show that you can set up ERPNext in under 10 minutes for your company. But let’s be honest: That’s just not true! You can set up a made-up company to play around with ERPNext. You can do that because you can just make up the things while going along (and you are saying it yourself in the video: 4:02). But setting up ERPNext (or any ERP-System) for a real company takes time. I’d actually argue that it could even hurt your reputation saying otherwise. People could think you’re not taking their company seriously.

Have a look at the videos of Fishbowl. I think they make great videos. They often pause after explaining a concept or a term. Their videos are short and their content size is a fraction of what you’re trying to accomplish in your video.

Phuu… I didn’t expect to write so much. Hope it helps! And to make it clear: I really think you’re doing a great job and I really like to see you succeed! And I also think you’re really making progress in the videos.


Thanks, will keep everyone posted here at the time of new releases.

Thank you! Currently, we do not have it in the pipeline. But we can sure think of doing it.

Thanks! We will try making a video on customization.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! We will try making more videos on the suggested topics.

Thank you! Voiceover credits to @Reema_Mehta

We will definitely try to work on these points.

Thank you for the feedback and ideas. I will definitely try to draw inspirations from them.

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This is super cool! I honestly love the platform. Everything gets better with practise!

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This is a great step towards getting more people involved in the erpnext.
Keep up the good work.


Gorgeous!! you are doing an excellent work and you are going to help more and more people around the world. I am going to do my best to help you and make your excellent product more known here in Spain :slight_smile:

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Hello @akshitakl you’re very good at making this documentation videos! Very clear and organized.
Please help also with the documentation of the frappe framework, it needs much love!

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@VigneshKarthik @fkardame @developmentforpeople @dfermiumlabs

Thank you for your replies. There are more videos in the pipeline so stay tuned!


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