Frappe Academy - Importing Data to ERPNext

Hello! Frappe Academy is back with yet another video. In our latest, we tell you the step-wise process of importing data to your ERPNext account. Watch now:

Voiceover by @Reema_Mehta


I like the straight-to-the-point explanations. The sequential delivery makes it very easy to follow. Thanks.

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we enjoy it thx

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If I have to import sales invoice with taxes (multi lines) from legacy system, how to insert data in the template to import sales invoice and its taxes in one shot.

currently following docs an error showing

Row 3
  • Item Name (Items) , Description (Items) , UOM (Items) , UOM Conversion Factor (Items) , Rate (Items) , Amount (Items) , Rate (Company Currency) (Items) , Amount (Company Currency) (Items) , Income Account (Items) are mandatory fields

where i should not put data for second tax line, where is my mistake?

in the other hand i have imported sales invoice with one line Item.
then i did update with taxes lines, the only way is working for me.

if you have any advice plz added.


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Same challenge I have. I asked this question when the new data import tool was made the default and i didn’t get any reply. I had to resort to using the old tool which has now been tagged Legacy. It will be really awful if one cannot use the import tool once that is deprecated in V13 because there are no clear guidance on how to import records with multiple line items.

@flexy2ky @nmami

Importing child records is not very different from how it was done in the old tool. You just need to add more rows and keep the corresponding values in parent columns blank.

Here is the documentation:

Did that already and it throws up this error:

@netchampfaris what you are saying is true in other doctypes for example manual journals it works perfect, but in sales invoices it’s giving error and do not accept multilines. Note I have followed docs exacteoy

If the import file looks like below, i.e. multiple rows of the same customer.

Shouldn’t this import a new sales order for each row, rather than one sales order with multiple items.

@glz actually as per documentation to import multi lines for the same header you should enter one header line only, I am not sure about screenshot you just shared ?

Wanted to import multiple sales orders for the same customer, with same item line.

is it one item or many per sales order?

One item per sales order

you can proceed one sales order per line what’s the problem?
in front of each header add one line item

Let me illustrate using the legacy import tool, which I used and it worked.

In the file, I expect multiple sales orders with one line item each, for the single customer.

In legacy import tool, this works as expected. In the new data import tool, it either creates multiple items for a single sales order if allow multiple items in a transaction are enabled, or throws an error an of “Note: Item XXXXX entered multiple times”.

I suspect it’s a bug,but can’t confirm that. Hoping the Frappe team here can check on it.

Yes you are right, community can confirm also it’s a bug or not… thx

I am facing the same issue. Any ideas on a workaround? How can one enable the legacy tool for sales/expense import?

On the global search, search for data import legacy

btw, same issue with purchase invoice import as well.