Frappe Academy - Print Settings in ERPNext

Hello Everyone! Print Formats and Letterheads have been a very integral part of setting up our ERPNext accounts. In a lot of ways, a company’s brand gets recognized with the kind of written communication that goes out. In our latest Frappe Academy Video, we talk about Letterheads, Print Formats, and how those can be configured in out accounts. Special thanks to aakvatech for giving us the inspiration of a custom Print Format.

Thankyou @SimranM for the voiceover and @kennethsequeira for constant inputs in the script.


Just like we have a RestrictedPython listing of available functions, it would be great if we can put up similar list available for jinja.

Then we have john resig for custom apps as well, specially for query reports and script reports. Would it be possible to use Jinja based print formats for custom reports too???

@aakvatech can you check this out?

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