Frappe and ERPNext version compatibilities

can someone please tell me, is it necessary to have identical versions of both? even the minor versions should be identical?

I am using the frappe 13.29.0 version and ERPNext 13.29.2 version.

I am successfully running the erpnext but facing some problems, “Get Items From” button is missing from the “Sales Invoice” form, and after selecting “Item” in the “Sales Invoice” form it is not automatically updating the “Rate” of the item.

please guide me, is these problems could happen due to not having identical versions of both?

@abubakar (I am not an expert!) I am pretty sure that the versions do NOT need to necessarily be in sync. The Frappe team has been pretty disciplined in their versioning system AND on their release schedule. That can create the appearance of coordinated versions but I am pretty sure that I have seen times where they were out of step. (Obviously getting too far behind on one or the other would be a problem.)

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The major versions (currently 12, 13, 14) should definitely be the same. The minor and patch versions can be different.

For example, when ERPNext gets a new feature that depends on some new functionality in the Frappe Framework, you’ll have problems whith an older version of frappe. Or when a generic feature is moved from ERPNext to Frappe, you might lose it when you only update ERPNext.

I am horribly stuck with the problem that .custom-action section in sales invoice form is not showing and item rate is not populating on selection of item. I am just afraid that it is not due to version conflict.

I have another question for that

please help in this regard I shall be very thankful.