Frappe Apps from the Community

Hi. What’s the deal with Frappe apps? Is there an open developer repository with custom frappe apps built and shared by the community for the use of extending functionality? I understand Frappe/ERPNext has been around for quite a time, but I’m having trouble understanding why there aren’t any custom modules available online other than the few listed in github.

If someone could help me understand. I’d like to learn to build my own frappe apps and share them with the community.

A basic list is here

But maybe we can make it a public listing on


Edit: Move app listing to · Issue #19 · frappe/community_erpnext_com · GitHub

Ah yes, this is the list I was referring to.

Was it just these 4 community apps available? Surely there are more, the development community here is buzzing. Are folks mainly building apps for use in-house on their own installations?

Here is another place of gathered forks.

Selection is pretty random though

It would be nice to see other integrations included, such as the google calendar, or the eventual quickbooks connector. Having every custom app available could muddy the waters; perhaps there could be a way for contributors to submit custom apps for approval for the list

Yeah that’ll be neat. I’d like to see that… perhaps even paid apps someday.