Frappe-bench/env/bin/python: No module named frappe.utils

when i make a new app this error is appear

Hi, @kapoke.

Can you tell us the frappe and erpnext version that you’re using as well as the steps you used for your frappe installation?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I tried this steps on vedio

But i didn’t know the version of frappe and i didn’t setup erpnext

You probably have the most recent version of frappe and erpnext. :slight_smile:

Did you install frappe/erpnext in a server or on a PC?

Because according to the instructions
python --develop --user frappe is for a fresh server install
sudo python --develop is for non server/computer installs

I installed version 7 on my laptop using the easy install steps here: GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps and I never had a problem with create a new app.

On a different note, does running bench start work on your instance?

I installed using the easy install steps GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps … But I’m still getting the error “frappe-bench/env/bin/python: No module named frappe.utils” …
What can I do?

Sounds like not all the script ran correctly. Perhaps some packages didn’t download somehow. You could try running the script again but it’s better to run it on a fresh server

I think Julian_Robbins is right, @kapoke . Something might have went wrong during installation and I think troubleshooting the installation is a bit tricky (which is why when something goes wrong, reformat + fresh install is recommended).

You can try doing the manual install steps. Usually, the terminal prompts users if you’ve already installed something or not. But I agree with Julian, the easiest way is running the script again on a fresh server. :slight_smile:

@littlehera can you tell me how to delete frappe and setup step by step !


I think all you need to do is delete the folders and remove the “Frappe” user.

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