Frappe-bench with passwordless MYSQL

Is it even possible to run bench new-site sitename if someone is running password less mysql.

I have so many system using mysql and in development mode, I have configured them to connect without password. Can’t the same work with frappe as well

You could try modifying
and just having
"db_password": "",
Just a guess
I didn’t actually know you could run mariaDB without a password.

I have always been using Mysql without password. Yes you need to set one while installing but, you can set it to blank later, which is what I do.

The suggestion of modifying my-new-site/site_config.json will work, if I am able to create a new site. The bench new-site sitename fails saying can’t connect to mysql with password: YES. I am not sure why it is trying to connect with password: Yes check.


It is a best practice to use passwords for logging into the database, keeping it safe and secure. But in case, you need to by-pass the password prompt you can add your login and password to my.cnf


Hope this helps to resolve your problem.

Agreed. Just use password. Life will be better.