Frappe Chat need refresh the page to get new messages "frappe.realtime.on"

I have been installing the frappe chat with frappe v14 and I have a lot of errors and I fix it.
And after all errors I am trying to send message from guest but desk user can not get the message until refresh the page.
I am trying to add this code to listen to guest room in console of desk user browser and it does not work.

frappe.realtime.on("CR00014", function (res) {

I am trying to add the same code in the guest console and it works fine.
And trying to do the same thing with private room between desk user and the administrator in the console of desk user and it is working fine.
are there any solution?


I have been having the same issue with frappe chat, did anyone find a way to fix this issue?
And thank you.

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Same problem happened to me Please solve the problem as soon as possible. If the solution is not done, I will have to use a third party

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