Frappe.client.delete is not working

FrappeClient delete code
def delete(self, doctype, name):
‘’‘Delete remote document by name
:param doctype: doctype to be deleted
:param name: name of document to be deleted’‘’
return self.post_request({
“cmd”: “frappe.client.delete”,
“doctype”: doctype,
“name”: name

My Code
erpclient = FrappeClient(url, user, password
erpclient.delete(doctype, name)
messages.success(request, ‘Delete successful’)
print('something is wrong

The delete is executing without throwing an error but the doc is not deleted, any ideas?

Hi @paul-100

I have checked on local account and it’s working properly. It seems that the record which you are trying to delete has been linked with another record. If that is the case then you have to delete all the linked records first.

Hi @paul-100

We have identified and fixed the issue, soon we’ll release it