Frappe Client for React Native is now available


We have made a frappe/erpnext client for react native :slight_smile:
Tested in android and IOS. Feedback is welcome! :slight_smile:

Bai Web and Mobile Lab


Nice start to get ERPNext and other Frappe based application on native platforms. There were cookies related issues which I found when not using Expo. Cookies doesn’t get passed on (by default) to subsequent requests after login both on emulator and on physical android device. May be we could save cookies from login response and send it manually on subsequent requests.

@palashjhabak Thanks! If you can give us a PR. Help is much welcome! :slight_smile:

Hello @palashjhabak

Could you give us the output of what cookies do you get?

sure, give me sometime will give you the output. By any chance are you also facing similar issue ? or Not facing such an issue ?