Frappe Client Script

I’m facing an issue with a certain client script. I have a doctype called Quotation which has a field called free_mileage_per_day. I also have another doctyp called Sales Invoice. When the Sales Invoice is created, it must be a Sales Invoice of a particular Quotation which means that these 2 doctypes are lniked. Inside the Sales Invoice client script, I want to get a value from the field free_mileage_per_day from a Quotation that is currently selected and use it inside the Sales Invoice. The challange is to get the for the current Quotation, how can I do that


Go to Customization of Sales Invoice and on the field of free_mileage_per_day, set the fetch from as follows:


this will automatically fetch the value from quotation to Sales Invoice if quotation reference is already available in sales invoice screen.


Divyesh M.

Thanks very much, let me try that