Frappe-Client + Table Fields

Good Day

I have a python script that download supplier price list and update erpnext.

Would like to know how to update table field with Frappe-Client?

This is part of code just to show what i use to insert records into ERPNext:

from frappeclient import FrappeClient

doc = {“doctype”: “Employee”,
“employee_number”: row[0],
“passport_number”: row[1],
“company”: “Company”,
“department”: row[5],
“employee_name”: row[2] + " " + row[3],
“date_of_joining”: row[4].date(),
“gender”: “Other”,
“status”: “Active”,
“date_of_birth”: “1981-01-01”}


Hope someone could help.

Thank You

Albertus Geyser