cannot access

My server cannot access now.

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Yes, all my sites on frappe cloud cannot access also. Even frappe cloud own ticket support page cannot access also.

yes, this is an issue for my company as well. The downtime is affecting 3 teams, and 50 people have stopped working, and have left for the day.
Going to have to drop from cloud service mostly going forward.


sama happen to me, its seem cloud down right now, effected all my clients as well

From Frappe Cloud on X:

So far this is what we know. DNS is not working. We’re working on providing an alternate domain. In the meanwhile OpenDNS works. If you can set your as your DNS server you should be able to use Frappe Cloud

My ERPNext instances hosted by frappe are not working. My other instances runing at are working. and the portal is working for me but i cannot log into my sites as admin. is also down.

DCRob, how do I set our DNS to

Do you know when Frappe will have the server back up?

How do we do this?

Site is down from a few hours

As far as changing your DNS, that’s usually done through your Internet router or PC configuration. It will depend on your network, whether you use a DHCP server, etc.

My apologies, I haven’t tried it personally to see if it resolves the issue, maybe somebody else on this forum can provide feedback. I was only relaying Frappe Cloud’s tweet information:

They also didn’t give an indication when they thought it would be resolved :frowning:

If you are running a site (mysite . com) and it has a CNAME entry pointing at mysite . frappe . cloud, your site is going to be down until they get mysite . frappe . cloud resolving to the ip address of the server again. If you know the ip address of your frappe instance, you can point mysite . com at the ip address with an A DNS entry and it should be accessible at again.

If Frappe wants to help their customers get their sites back up and running while they sort out the DNS, they could provide a way to find the ip address that should be used for each site.

We have deployed a workaround for now:

Your site should be available on

e.g. is now available on


still unaccessable

Wow, what a disaster… My Frappe servers have over 99% uptime. I’d expect Frappe’s cloud offering to be at least as available as my, amatuer by comparison, setups.