Frappe Cloud - Get 'Invalid Backup file' error during creating site from backup


I’m trying to create new Erpnext 12 app on from my cloud backup (I guess it was Erpnext 11). Backup was stored on Dropbox so now I have the following structure:

  • erpnext/database/*-subdomain_erpnext_com-database.sql.gz - here lots of gzipped SQL dumps
  • erpnext/files/* - public files, like avatar.jpg
  • erpnext/private/files/* - private files, like invoice.pdf

I was able to upload gzipped SQL dump and it seems it passes some validation.

But I can’t successfully upload neither private nor private files - it give me ‘Invalid Backup file’ error.

From instruction I saw that I need to upload tar archive, so I tried to do it like this:
tar cf private.tar private - so here I have archive with private file folder with files folder, including all files
and like this from private/files dir:
tar cf private.tar * - so here a I have archive with files without folder
but neither did work.

So could you please guide me how should I prepare tar archive of private and public files to pass validation?

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