Frappe cloud git repo

I join a team working on frappe cloud the old tech guy was an evil person he revoke the permissions of the company on the repo and burn all the communication channels with them.

I tried to access the benches on the frappe cloud through ssh and tried to pull the commit to another remote but I am shocked there is a local remote and no branches at all and there is one head commit detached.

I can get this commit only through cherry-picking any idea how I can get all the repo history?

To the best of my knowledge, Frappe Cloud doesn’t fetch the entire history.

It just clones the version of code you’re asking to be used.

You might be able to recover it from any other local clones?

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Actually I am a newbie to the company and I came after they lose the GitHub access :sob:
Regarding to FC I realized that from the first lock at the ssh access they provide but I was hope there is any thoughts it helps me
Any other thoughts will be appropriate

yes i can help you

contact me

you need hacker for that issues

I do not think this is a good way to do our work
if you have really an ethical way I aprrociated

This was one of the greatest experience I have, because helping people to recover from strikes done by greedy guys is one of my beloved efforts
I love to share this experience with you guys