Frappe Cloud - Re-authorize from Github

Hello everyone, I was hoping someone may have some experience with this issue.

I am a student developer making a Frappe application intended to be installed using our Frappe Cloud private bench.

I have made an account on Frappe Cloud and utilised the $25 a month option. I have successfully installed and deployed a private bench with Frappe and ERPNext installed. I then authorised my GitHub account (which was linked to the organisation we have put the application in). I can now install and deploy the custom application in my Frappe Cloud account and run it on my site.

My question is: I have another person that I work with that has incorrectly authorised a GitHub account (it was just the wrong one). I would like to be able to remove the GitHub authorisation and re-do that process for the correct account that has access to our application. I did not seem to find a way to “remove authorisation” and redo it.

Wondering if I need to do something on GitHubs end or if there is an option I am missing to reset and redo my GitHub authorisation on a Frappe Cloud Account.


Frappe Frappe Cloud-related issues, please raise a ticket on

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Submitted, thank you. Should I send you to the specific account that is having the problem?