Frappe Cloud - Webhooks & APIs

Good day,

Considering using ERPNext for my company (moving from Zoho Books as not flexible enough system) but we are heavily dependent on customisations. And while there are a lot of things we can do inside the ERPNext itself we still would need to use API & Webhooks to trigger different actions for sure.

My questions is whether we can still use API & Webhooks freely in Frappe Cloud without our own deployment? We do not have dedicated IT person to maintain an instance so were looking at ready-to-use solutions, hovewer not sure what limitations it will have

Hi :wave:

There are no restrictions like these on Frappe Cloud. You can use REST API and webhooks on any plan. Although, if you want to write your own endpoints (server scripts), you will need to have a Private bench (minimum site plan $25/mo).



We can assist you with the customisation, APIs and webhooks.

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