Frappe Command Not Found

I have installed erpnext 5. It is working fine.
I want to run frappe -sync_all but it shows error frappe: command not found.
It is working fine on my version 4 setup.

in verion5 setup frappe command is not listed in frappe-bench/env/bin but it is showing in pip freeze list…while it is showing in frappe-bench/env/bin of version4 setup.

can anybody help?

The command line has changed in version 5.

You can check bench --help for list of new commands.

how can i do this in version 5

Schema changes

You can edit a DocType to add, remove or change fields. On saving a DocType, a JSON file containing the DocType data is added to source tree of your app. When you add an app to a site, the DocTypes are installed using this JSON file. For making schema changes, it’s required to set developer_mode in the configuration.

On running a sync (frappe --sync_all), doctypes in the system are synced to their latest version from the JSON files in the app.

Note: Fields are soft deleted ie. the columns are not removed from the database table and however, they will not be visible in the documents. This is done to avoid any potential data loss situations and to allow you write related data migrations which might need values from deleted fields.

Note: Frappe doesn’t support reverse schema migrations.

bench migrate