Frappe CRM Live Launch & Release

Hi all,

I’m excited to announce the live launch and release of the newest addition to Frappeverse - Frappe CRM :rocket:

Frappe CRM is a modern, 100% Open Source CRM tool to supercharge your sales operations. We are excited to bring this to you on 1st April 2024 :sparkles:

I am Shariq Ansari Product Developer of Frappe CRM, and I’ve been working on this project for the past six months. I’m committed to making it even better. Let’s keep improving it together!

Join our public group to share your suggestions and feedback, and stay updated on new features and improvements. :raised_hands:

Frappe CRM Public Group - Telegram: Contact @frappecrm

Don’t forget to join us live here on 1st April for launch:

See you there :grin:


Will it replace original CRM app of ERPNext or both of them will be available ?

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Both will be available.
In v16 we will remove CRM module from ERPNext


:grimacing: :eye:
New CRM looks promising … but maybe both will can coexists someway :slight_smile:


I assume there will be patches to migrate existing data from ERPNext to the new CRM app.


Yes, I will have to write a Migrator just for this


Thank You Sharique. Looking forward to the launch

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looking forward , it was much needed @shariquerik

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I am so happy to hear this. But at the same time a little bit worried that if features are being trimmed-off to make them available only in the ‘commercial version’ gradually; which will leave a little in the community/opensource version gradually. I am just hoping things are not going to be like Odoo where everything is decoupled through time and limited features are offered in the community version currently. The reason I swear by frappe/erpnext is its true openness and community serving spirit. That culture is giving frappe/erpnext so much momentum. I hope it stays that way.


Frappe CRM is also 100% open source like all other Frappe apps :smile:


Yes sister. I understand that. That’s what is making me stick with everything in frappe platform. I am just expressing my concern for the times ahead.


Yes I leaved Odoo in same reason ,
and the feeling is getting odd,
bevause I was asking availability to translate a language on Crowdin.
Answer was only allowed area whom brings more partners.

I was give alot of effort to translate this usefull product to spread and get involve more whom interested.

I believe this product openess and if it is available in more languages it’s easier to find potential customers.

Sorry my English is not my motherlanguage.


What about reports like lead owner efficiency report, funnel and other standard reports that we have been using in CRM module. How about prospect, territory and other data?

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Hi @shariquerik

This is great news ! Did you by any chance include the possibility to select a specific email account to be used in sending out ‘Newsletter’ ? This has been an issue we’ve tried to get around for a while :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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@shariquerik Will you start accepting contributions after the release?

Yeah sure


I would like to see the released version have UI translated.


I liked the thing that ERPNext has CRM and ERP under one banner. Now it will be a headache. I was thinking of stopping zohoCRM and using ERPNext CRM but now it looks like ERPNext is going zoho way. Seperate app for each feature. Not good.

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Great to have an alternative to the bundled-in CRM along with ERPNext.

1 How would you integrate Quotations between the CRM and ERP apps? Quotations are as much part of a CRM application with respect to the sales pipeline, as it relies on ERP for the Item and Price, let alone converting a Quotation into a Sales Invoice.

2 Will the Contact / Address DocTypes continue to reside in the Frappe app (Contacts module) and not either of CRM or ERP. This would be ideal as both uses Contacts and bundling it with the framework makes sense.