Frappe.db.sql how its work?!

Hi All ,
happy new year

I don’t know why sometimes frappe.db.sql work and others not work

balance = frappe.db.sql(“”“select sum(credit)-sum(debit) from tabGL Entry where party = %s”“”, doc.customer)

when I run sql query in mariaDB it’s work 100% !

also I do copy past an do some changes fields, tables not work correctly but it’s work in mariaDB

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What do you mean by not working. Does it return no results or it returns an error? If it’s an error, what is the error?

can you try?
balance = frappe.db.sql(“”“select sum(credit) - sum(debit) from tabGL Entry where party = ‘{0}’”“”.format(doc.customer))

I tried your code, it works fine.

its work when I add. [0][0] at the end of frappe.db.sql

thanks @tundebabzy @magic-overflow ,