Frappe deployment in aws lambda

Did anyone deploy frappe in AWS Lambda or any aws resources.
Thank you in advance…

You can follow this video:

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@KanchanChauhan thank you

@KanchanChauhan Is there any tutorial or document to deploy frappe in aws lambda

Frappe and ERPNext does not support AWS Lambda natively - it would be a large project you would need to undertake or commission.

If you’re on AWS, you’re better off using EC2, and potentially RDS, ELB and ElastiCache. Unfortunately, even with that, your EC2 instance won’t be completely stateless, so scaling beyond one EC2 node won’t be possible. However, one extra large EC2 node can support a lot of users. If you need more, at that kind of scale, you’re probably into supporting thousands of concurrent users, and will most likely have the budget or team to make it happen.

@felix Thank you felix.
Please provide me the solution for following questions.

  1. How can I disintegrate my DB(I mean where can I find DB Configuration), so that I can move my DB to RDS
  2. What difficulties I face, If I want to deploy frappe in AWS Lambda.

For 1, there are plenty of posts on the forum detailing that. Try searching first and coming back if you have issues.

For 2, since it hasn’t been done, that will be new ground you’ll have to explore.

However, one extra large EC2 node can support a lot of users.

Can you quantify “a lot of users” please?