Frappe Developer Training

Dear Frappe Users,

Since we are putting quite a few questions on this forum
I’m suggesting to Rushab and Team to conduct intensive 3-5 day developer training on core Frappe framework and ERPnext module.

If we get 10 developers and pool in $300 each, then it will be good win-win for frappe team to conduct the training.

Was wondering would anyone be interested ?

@adityaduggal @peterschmidler

@rmehta kindly pin this post for few days to see interest

Yes, that sounds like a good thing! Would it be in Mumbay or is it imaginable to do it remotely via e.g. Hangouts. Because if I had to travel to Mumbai, a shorter, more intensive training might be more economic for me, due to cost of flight and hotel…

I would love to also attend some training, but I think we should look at some kind of online type meeting training as im from South Africa and travelling all that way to Mumbai for just 3 days - hmmm…not that attractive at this stage :wink:

Online prefered…plz

We can have a training using Google Hangout.

What should be a good price ? Is $300 per seat good for one day training?

I think Google Hangout is a good idea. We should give it a shot.
For one day I would recommend $100-$150 should be fine.


I agree, sounds good!

@amruthp, @peterschmidler What are your expectations from the training?

A tiny acceleration of my starting efforts with the system. We could collect issues/questions in advance that will be discussed during the hangout. I also think it’s a good opportunity to get to know each other.

I would like to join in too. I would prefer more frappe , erpnext modules could be more of a self study ones frappe is clear.


The topics may include

  1. Frappe Framework: which might include its command set, connectors and its capabilities
  2. ERPNext flow-chart from the developer point of view.
  3. Database interactions
  4. Advanced print format, which include querying multiple doctypes
  5. Extending Webviews. Let’s say If I want to show project management on front-end website, then how to modify the webviews

These are some of the things, other might add on to this.

also what would be nice it how to be part of the erpnext main source contributors - rather thats what I would like to learn. Instead of just branching, somehow teach how one to be an effective part of the community so we can add to the already great erpnext product - just my 2 cents :wink:

Im definitely interested in online training because of the distance to travel…so will be watching this space.

I am also interested, cost of $100 - $150 sounds reasonable.


Even I would be interested in learning the framework but honestly I don’t know if I am even remotely capable enough (coding wise) to attend this kind of a training.

Also an online type training would be preferred.

As far as the costing is concerned, I would like the team to decide the price and if we like it we would take it. In absence of a structured topic on the training, I have my doubts as to how much would we be able to learn in a day or two.

As for the topic, I am more interested in the permissions engine and how it works and how is it implemented in erpnext and also making apps for existing doctypes where we could add specific fields to existing doctypes to further enhance their functionality.

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I think online training is good, but yet we need to aware the time different, and for the price $100 is fine by me, i just wondering how much i can learn for just 1 day…
as for the topic maybe:

  1. Advanced print format
  2. little python or jinja templating guide ( since self learning sometime is not enough still need much practice)
  3. Advance report
    4.Frappe app developing

as for the progress i suggest if the audience will inquire the subject first

so maybe there will be an online class for more than 1 developer at one time then the cost can be better :slight_smile:

I echo aditya’s thoughts here and specificcaly about the Permissions management.

I also agree for $100 a day and online too. I suggest also if the course focuses on advanced customization on docs(forms),reports,prints and database work around or management.
sooner the better!

This is an interesting idea… I would definitely like to contribute to ERPNext as a product, I can say the same about my Organization too. Maybe similar to any of the Apache Projects with a dedicated group of committers along-with trackers/wikis etc. I understand all this stuff is already there, just need some help from the team as to how we can start contributing.