Frappe_docker development setup does not detect changes

Hi, it’s been a couple of years since I last developed projects using Python and Frappe Framework. I was impressed by the significant improvements in terms of managing development setup, installation and other cool new features that I have yet to explore.

I tried to install a development setup following this The setup went well and I have a running instance or ERPNext. The thing is, the new doctype that I created under my custom app does not reflect in the source files within the container. Even the custom desktop I added in the source code does not reflect in the UI(even after bench clear-cache or reload from the UI). Is there anything that I’m missing?

My setup:

bench version

erpnext 15.18.3
frappe 15.19.1
hrms 16.0.0-dev
payments 0.0.1
xcelink 0.0.1

docker ps

changes in VSCode

ERPNext Sidebar

Custom doctype

There is also no button to export the doctype

I don’t think config/desktop works in v15, add “is standard” workspaces

Thanks @revant_one, I got the desk working but it made some changes to the frappe app instead of my custom app. Is this the expected behavior? (Ignore frappe/

git status